"Discover The GEM Within"

We are excited to announce that  Lazuli Salon will be able to service our clients with our own Luxury Hair Extensions line Lazuli Lenghts  . We will carry lengths from 18- 24 inches of  gorgeous cuticle aligned hair. Colors from solid black, highlighted, balayage, and rooted blonde shades. Name your flavor and we have it. We will offer machine wefts, hand-tied wefts tape-in, I tip , and K Tip extensions for the year 2021. We cant wait to help you discover the Gem within. Book Your consultation today.





  1. Sleep with hair braided or silk bonet
  2. Brush 3 times a day, beginning with the ends of the   hair.
  3. Keep roots detangled with wet brush.
  4. Never lighten extensions!
  5. Only have extensions colored, applied and removed by a professional stylist.
  6. Plan to keep your 4-5 Week  maintenance appointment to keep your extensions in the very best condition
  1.  Brush hair before washing.
  2. Divide hair into two-halves, left and right, for a deeper clean on the bottom layers.
  3. Apply shampoo to wet hair from roots to ends.  Comb fingers through hair, and rinse.
  4. While avoiding contact with any extension bond, apply conditioner.  Comb fingers through hair, let saturate and rinse.


  1.  Wait 3 days before washing hair after K Tip fusion Extenstions
  2. Wash no more than twice a week.
  3. Use the specially formulated treatment solution recommended by your professional stylist every other week.
  4. Only use hair care products sold or recommended by the professional stylist caring for your extensions.
  5. Hair care products must specify the are Sulfate Free
  6. Never use color enhancing, organic, vegan, dandruff, or regrowth products on your extensions.




  1. Remove excess water by gently applying pressure with a towel.
  2. Partially air dry hair before blow drying.
  3. Avoid prolonged heat near the extension bond.
  4. Apply the detangle spray recommended  by your stylist daily onto wet or dry hair to detangle.  Brush to distribute.
  5. Apply the silk drops product recommended by your stylist daily to hydrate and smooth ends.
  6. Use high-quality ceramic styling tools on medium to low heat.




  1.  Never leave extensions in longer than recommended by your professional stylist.
  2. Never go to bed with wet, unbraided hair.
  3. Never let sunscreen, tanning products, oils, or alcohol come in contact with extensions.  If this happens, they may become discolored.
  4. Never let extensions get wet while swimming – they may tangle or discolor.
    • If you can’t avoid swimming:
      • Braid hair and coat with Silk Drops.
      • Once out of the water, wash immediately following the washing instructions.


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